Favourite links

Iceland / Reykjavik sites

The Reykjavik Grapevine is a guide to all things happening in the city and further afield. The writing is particularly strong as it sways between the style of a scenester style mag and a broadsheet.

How do you like Iceland? is used primarily as a promotional tool for Iceland Express, but if you don’t mind the occasional article trying to flog you flights you’ll find plenty of witty information on pretty much any Icelandic subject you can think of.

Icelandic arts and entertainment

Want to expand your knowledge of Icelandic music beyond the obvious? Then Iceblah is exactly where you need to be.

I love Icelandic music is also worth a visit.

My favourite Icelandic band is Mordingjarnir. You can buy their Afram Island album from the Kimi Records online store.

Everything else

Want to read more of my chatterings on films that (generally) aren’t Icelandic? Then pick up acclaimed and award winning UK music magazine Clash each month.

Reykjavik Harbour Watch is always a good read, but I’m particularly a fan of her observations (and images) of cats in Reykjavik

ISLAND 63° 66° N provides stunning cinematography of Iceland’s natural beauty. Check out the trailer for volume 1.

More links to come as I find them.



  1. hi there,

    i found your site at google and want to ask you about a link on your website, and of course a link from my website to yours 😉


    • Hey Stefan,

      Sure thing, consider it done.



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