Posted by: Ben Hopkins | 24/12/2009

Mr. Bjarnfredarson trailer and poll

It’s almost Christmas and that means one thing; Mr. Bjarnfredarson is almost out (it’s also some dude called Jesus’ birthday, but he can go without glory for one year I’m sure).

For the benefit of those who are excited but don’t speak Icelandic (probably just me then), here’s the trailer with English subtitles:

To mark the occasion, here’s a new poll for your consideration. Our previous poll (you can still vote if you like here) found that with 48% of the vote that Georg was your favourite character from the series, with Olafur and Daniel following on 39% and 9% respectively. Odinn earned 4% of the vote, which I suspect was entirely the result of votes cast by the guy who played him and his mum.

This time you can vote on your favourite of the three television series. I haven’t finished Fangavaktin yet so my vote is yet to be cast (although kudos to Nammi for getting probably the first copy in England to me in supersonic time, almost justifying the 2700kr delivery charge).



  1. […] enn hva det koster den islandske staten. I 2009 var den mest populære filmen på islandske kinoer Mr Bjarnfredarson, en islandsk komedie som suverent slo Avatar ned i […]

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