Posted by: Ben Hopkins | 21/09/2009

Icelandic films at The London Film Festival

The arrival of the hefty programme for The London Film Festival heralds two events; the end of the British summer and the chance for me to meticulously plan what I can view for free on a press pass, only for my planned timetable to backfire due to an Underground delay or something similar.

This time around Iceland is represented twice, both in the festival’s Shorts Cuts & Animation segment.

Rekyjavik-born New York City resident Isold Uggadottir’s Committed / Njalsgata is part of The Young, a selection of shorts examining growing up.

Times, ticketing and further info can be found here.



Showing as part of the People Are Strange selection of films that are expected to provoke a “mental hangover” is Benedikt Erlingsson’s The Nail / Naglinn. Erlingsson is perhaps better known as an actor who has appeared in Circledrawers and Lars von Trier’s excellent The Boss of It All.

More on that screening can be found here.

The Nail

The Nail


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