Posted by: Ben Hopkins | 30/04/2009

Introducing Iceland on Screen

The irony is that it all started with Budapest.

Having returned from the Hungarian capital I decided to search for a film set in Budapest as a kind of alternative souvenir. The search lead me to Nimrod Antal’s excellent Kontroll, a surreal tale of over murder, bear suits and over officious ticket inspectors set in the murky depths of the city’s Metro.

While I’m here, I should point out that Antal’s American film debut Vacancy was a great disappointment.

So prior to going to Reykjavik I decided that this time around I’d find some films prior to departing. I’d seen 101 Reykjavik, Iceland’s most famous film, as well as the recent Jar City. Beyond that, I knew literally nothing; I couldn’t even name another Icelandic film.

I turned to the Internet. Google, IMDB, Wikipedia and Amazon didn’t give me much to go on. Of course, I knew it was a niche subject but the lack of information was still surprising.


Eventually I found the excellent Cold Fever (more on that later) and had amassed a grand library of three top quality films from Iceland. But there had to be more to discover.

Naturally, the thing to do in Reykjavik was to spent many thousands of Kronur on DVDs that I’ve never heard of. As long as the packaging bore the legend Enskur texti, it was in consideration.

And so here is Iceland on Screen, a blog discussing film and television either predominantly set in Iceland or primarily created by Icelandic talent. And perhaps some other vaguely related stuff too.



  1. Ben, great idea! I’ve been a fan of Icelandic cinema since I saw both 101 Reykjavik and Angels of the Universe at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2000. Glad to have a resource I can consult on the unique cinema of this beautiful country.

    • Thanks James! Do you get much Icelandic film in Canada?

  2. Between TIFF and Hot Docs, we get a fair bit, actually, but it’s always good to hear more about what films are in production, etc. Wish I was going to Nordisk Panorama this year!

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